Buyer Guide

Financing Package


Although you may have been advised by your Departmental Head on the requirements, we have however for your ease of reference listed the following document required for your loan application :

  1. Application form to be completed in detail.
  2. Letter of Confirmation and recommendation from your Departmental Head.
  3. Processing fees (RM1.00 for every RM 1,000.00 of loan amount).
  4. Borang VII (Format VII) - Declaration from the borrower giving consent to the Federal Government to deduct from his/her salary the loan installments (inclusive of interest).
  5. Copy of title deed.
  6. Lampiran A - Declaration from the developer consenting to a register's caveat..
  7. Format XIV - To be endorsed by the developer and the borrowers solicitors.
  8. Solicitors declaration  - confirmation of stakeholder and finalisation  of loan documents.
  9. Borang Akuan SPP 21/86 - Lampiran IV.
  10. Letter to housing loan unit confirming the ability to settle the difference between loan and purchase price (if it is not a 100% loan).
  11. Copy of Power Attorney, if the agreement has been attested by the Power of Attorney.
  12. Certificate of Fitness - for completed house.
  13. The progress payment's will be released by the Housing Loan Division only when the title (landed unit) and loan agreement cum assignment (strata title) has been registered at the land office and the High Court respectively.

* The above mentioned format might be changed by the government housing loan unit.

The loan precessing is handled by the :
        Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan
        Pembendaharaan Malaysian
        No 9, Kompleks Kementerian Kewangan
        Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 2
        Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
        62592 Putrajaya
        Tel : 03-88802000
        Email :


A panel of bankers have been appointed to provide loans to those who qualify, but the final decision lies with you as you are free to choose and bank/finance company of your choice. In order to expediate the loan application process, please forward the following :-

  1. Original copy of the Sales and Purchase Agreement.
  2. Copy of the title deed if available.
  3. Photocopy of your IC
  4. A copy of your last 3 month's pay or your last 6 month's bank statement (if self employer)
  5. Letter confirmation on income and years of service from your employer
  6. A copy of Income tax return/EA form for the past 3 years.

Sequence of Loan Processing

  1. Submission of loan application for with the necessary documents.
  2. Interview by bank/finance company.
  3. Letter of Offer upon approval from bank/finance company.
  4. The Letter of Offer fully signed by you as acceptance of the offer and returned to the bank/finance company with a copy to the developer.
  5. Bank /finance company's letter of instruction to their solicitor to prepare the loan document which may be either :
  6. Deed of Assignment and Loan Agreement (for Strata Units); or
  7. Memorandum of Transfer Form 14A and Charge Form (Landed units with individual titles)
  8. Letter from bank/finance company advising you to execute loan documents at solicitor's office.
  9. Loan documents forwarded to bank/finance company for execution.
  10. Loan documents returned to solicitors who will forwarded to developer for execution of Memorandum of Transfer.
  11. Executed loan documents returned to solicitor for stamping and registration. Stamped loan documents forwarded to bank/finance company for safekeeping. A copy each is given to purchaser and developer.
  12. Bank/finance company will release payments to developer progressively in accordance to the Third Schedule of the Sale and Purchase Agreement upon receipt of our invoice.